About InterCall

Making People, Ideas, and Technology Always Accessible

Important Info

If your business is going to be successful, people working for your business must have access. They need access to technology, to other people, and to the ideas in their heads. It used to be that you could sit around a conference room table, talk at the water cooler or pop your head into an office and hash out an issue. Now, in a time when business is global and the whistle doesn’t blow at 5:00, not being able to reach someone isn’t an option.

The Gears That Make Your Business Move

People—co-workers, customers, prospects, vendors, partners—are what keep your business moving. People need to come together, one way or another, to talk, collaborate and gather feedback. Today, people are rarely in the same office. They’re located all around the world. But that shouldn’t be the reason they’re disconnected. InterCall brings people together by giving them access to each other beyond time zones and borders.

Great Things Happen with the Smallest of Ideas

All innovations start with someone thinking about a way to make things better, easier, more efficient. At some point, thinking needs to turn into sharing, and you have to have an outlet to do that. First it starts as a meeting with a few people, then it gets baked with a few more, then it’s reviewed with many more and then rolled out to even more. Ideas aren’t any good if they don’t have any way to get off the ground, so you need to empower people to share them quickly, easily and often.

Technology Made Simple

Access means simplicity. If people are required to learn new and complex systems, adoption will be low. In order to take advantage of your investments, you need easy-to-use collaboration tools that integrate with the technology people use every day. We partner with industry leaders and have the proven track record to integrate these technologies with any network or infrastructure. We deploy solutions on the platform you choose and get the tools in the hands of your workers so they can access the latest communication technologies easily and seamlessly, and we make this happen for small and large companies around the world.

We Deliver

With InterCall, you get everything in one place—from basic audio conferencing, collaborative web meetings and video conferencing to virtual events and unified solutions. We have offices around the world so our dedicated 24/7 service teams are always available to help you. You can count on our expert staff to consult with you and deliver the best service and features, helping you reach your business objectives.

Why InterCall

  • Generated over $1.2B in revenue (2012) and executed over 20B minutes (2012)
  • 85% of Fortune 100 trust InterCall 
  • Support more than 75,000 organizations and over 2.7M unique conference leaders
  • Complete suite of services, including proprietary products, and leading reseller of five top industry products
  • Flexible service/delivery models